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Front 993 Caliper to Bracket Bolt Set

Need just the replacement bolt sets. Complete set of four bolts (2 calipers worth) Factory Porsche bolts cut to length for use with the Volvo/Porsche BBK. These bolts are also available for Porsche application un-cut upon request.

Our Price: $24.50
Volvo "R" Rear Caliper Mounting brackets

Volvo "R" Rear Caliper Mounting brackets. These brackets allow you to outfit your 850/70 series P80 car with the S60/V70R rear calipers and rotors for that extra braking power you're looking for.

Our Price: $135.00
Stainless Steel Brake Line Set

Replace those
factory rubber lines with
a set of braided stainless steel lines.  Increase pedal feel,
longer lasting, consistent response.

Our Price: $159.50
Porsche 928S/993 BBK bracket set

Want to just buy the brackets and source the calipers yourself. Here you go! 2 brackets, caliper mounting bolts are modified from the stock length and are sold seperately.

Our Price: $209.50